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Round 4: Consolidated Claims Post


At this time artists who have claimed a story are now allowed to claim a second!

To make things easier for artists the remaining stories have been consolidated into one post. Please browse through the information given by the authors and comment with the following to make your claim:

- Claimed stories will be struck out as they come in but make sure to check that someone hasn’t gotten the one you want.

- Artists who who have already claims a story can claim a second from the stories in this list.

Crossover: WWE/Numb3rs
Type: slash
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Evan Bourne, Colby Granger (main characters)
Warnings sexual content, language, some violence
Summary: Evan's being stalked and his life threatened. He's sent into hiding with Colby to protect him. Somewhere along the way, they fall in love, but Colby's not good with hiding his jealousy. They fight over the lack of trust and just when Colby thinks he found the best way to work it out, Evan is kidnapped. Can he save the day or will what could've been be gone forever?

Title:The Growing Curve
Crossover:Bandom: Panic at the Disco/Glee
Type: (slash, gen, het – put in all that apply)slash
Characters/Pairings:Finn Hudson/Brendon Urie, background Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson
Warnings (sexual context, non-con, violence, strong language, characters death, etc – if there is anything in your fic potential artists should be warned about include it)none
Summary: (try to write more than one paragraph, please no more than 3 paragraphs)
Due to a twist of fate, Finn Hudson ends up as a tech on baby Panic's first tour. Brendon decides he has another victim for piggyback rides and Disney movies and Finn is used to Sue Sylvester type chaos so he fits right in. He's also developing some feelings for his hyperactive frontman, but is determined to put them aside, because Brendon is famous and talented, while he's just a tech on his tour. It's not until those feelings start becoming mutual, that the real problems start.

So Finn is running away, Brendon isn't sure what he wants and the whole tour just wants them to stop with the drama already.

Notes: Glee timeline has been changed, so it's set before Panic gets signed, therefore Finn is actually older than the band.

Title: Here a Vamp, There a Vamp
Type: (slash, gen, het – put in all that apply) pre-slash, het
Characters/Pairings:Buffy/Spike, Dawn/Xander, Dean/Benny, hints of Dean/Castiel and Dawn/Sam
Warnings 'there is discussion of a rape scene which takes place off screen and discusion of consenual sex but not seen. Story also contains some violence.
Summary: After Dean broke contact with him, Benny moved to New Orleans. Only when he comes face to face with an old enemy, he has no one but Dean to call for help. How is the southern vampire to know that the demon vampire Spike has gained a soul since the last time they met. Worse than that, that Spike is now dating the Slayer.

But when Castiel comes to help Dean with the Slayer, his eyes fall on one of heaven’s lost weapons. The Key. Knowing that heaven has been tracking him to find the angel tablet, he feels he is left with no choice but to bring the Key to the safety of the Men of Letters’ bunker before Naomi gets her hands on it. Leaving Sam to deal with an angry Dawn who is not too happy to find herself stuck with a stranger.

Now the Winchesters and Buffy’s extended family have to work together to find a way to hide Dawn and break the wards that keep her inside the place that was supposed to keep her safe.

Title: The Intersects Versus Plan B(ryce)
Crossover: Doctor Who/Chuck/White Collar
Type: Mostly gen with hints to het and M/M/F pairings
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairings: Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, Bryce Larkin, John Casey, The Doctor, River Song, Amy Pond, Rory Pond, Orion and plot spoilers
Warnings Violence, swearing,
Summary:Sequel to Chuck Versus the Intersected Doppelganger. Neal and Bryce both get another message from the woman claiming to be their mother. Bryce gets it a little late, coming home from a mission, but does go out to New York with Chuck and Sarah, where it's planned. Neal goes first and meets River Song and the Doctor, their parents. When Bryce does arrive, he starts attacking the Doctor.

Figuring out what happened, The Doctor joins up with Team Bartowski and Neal and Peter, to get Bryce back and to stop Madame Kovarian once and for all.

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