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Fic - The Tale Of The Unexpected Departure And The Surprise Arrival - Elementary/Sherlock

Title: The Tale Of The Unexpected Departure And The Surprise Arrival
Author(s): Ragna (scandalbaby)
Artist: casper_san
Crossover: Elementary/Sherlock
Type: Het
Rating: PG
Word Count: 15,049
Characters/Pairings: Elementary!Sherlock Holmes/BBC!Irene Adler, Greg Lestrade/Joan Watson, BBC!Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, Mycroft Holmes, John Watson, Tobias Gregson, Alfredo Llamosa, Marcus Bell, Miss Hudson
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Holmes and Irene are thrown for a loop when the United States government decides that Irene Adler being in the United States is too much of a security risk. The decision to deport her back to London is expedited for the fact that Irene is pregnant with twins, and the government does not want her children born on US soil. Holmes decides to move back to London to be with her and their children, and they are once again surprised that evening, this time by by Joan's decision to move there as well, partly to start a new career as a pathologist at St. Bart's alongside Molly and partly to be closer to her long distance boyfriend.

But complications ensue when, upon her arrival in London and in the presence of Sherlock and John, Irene goes into labor. Despite their best efforts, there is no way for Holmes to arrive in time for the birth of his children, leaving his cousin to be there in his stead. Sherlock gets four broken fingers and an end to his fight with his girlfriend Molly as a result, and when Holmes finally does arrive later in the evening he gets a most welcome surprise.
Author’s Notes: Part of my "The Family Business" series (found here on AO3). I had really really hoped to write the other, oh, five or six stories that take place before this one before I had to post this. However, real life got in the way so all of those stories will be filtered in next week. Summary of the events, just so no one's lost: Joan goes back to New York a week after new Year's and stays in a long distance relationship with Lestrade, and after a couple months Lestrade comes to visit her and gets swept up in a case. Sherlock visits not that much later and makes his peace with Irene, and shortly after that Irene and Holmes get the news that they're expecting not one but two children. Life settles in at both the brownstone in New York and 221B Baker Street until a few days prior to this story, when Irene has a false alarm with going into labor and Sherlock and Molly have their first fight. This fic takes place roughly a day after Sherlock and Molly's fight. Many thanks to casper_san for the wonderful art.

Link to Story Master Post: Here on AO3
Link to Art Master Post: Here on LJ

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